That would not fulfill the Minsk agreement Rada changed the rules

2 February Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has completed the third session, and not approving “Poroshenko child” - amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution on decentralization and, most importantly, the special status of Donbass. “Lawful” evade the Minsk agreements Kiev Rada allowed to change the rules, adopted in haste, just as urgent consideration by the Constitutional Court usually leisurely and immediately signed by the President

This is the procedure of amending the Constitution of Ukraine, which is not determined by the Verkhovna Rada Regulations and Article 155 of the Basic Law.
She says: “The bill on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine … pre-approved by the majority of the constitutional composition of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine shall be deemed adopted if at the next regular session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine voted for by at least two-thirds of the constitutional composition of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine”

In this case, are the words “at its next regular session,” for us the key. If the second session of the Verkhovna Rada voted by simple majority of the amendments at the third session it had to vote their constitutional majority. If not, the process must begin again: at the fourth session to vote again simple, and the fifth - a constitutional majority
Meanwhile, Moscow, Berlin, Paris, Washington and now require the implementation of the Minsk agreements of Kiev in the body of the Constitution. Vote for this same Parliament, mainly nationalistic in its composition, no. Here Poroshenko, which bears primary responsibility for foreign policy, with the help of deputies from the faction BPP and found a “way out” by violating Article 155 of the Constitution to defer the adoption of the amendments, but so frank mankirovanie Minsk process and the views of the world’s major players looked “legitimate ”

Now a special interpretation of the phrase “the next regular session” allows the Verkhovna Rada indefinitely delay the moment of amending the constitution. the process of making edits you can start at each subsequent session with the point at which stopped in the previous session. Or not to start, and wait for one another “to the next ordinary session” ?!

It is curious that such a blatant distortion to give the letter and spirit of the Ukrainian Constitution in parliament Poroshenko helped the deputies from the “opposition bloc”, yesterday the Regions Party, whose stronghold was always the Donbass. Well, if this block are able to look far ahead and so we decided to wait for the special status of the current fiction in the presidential draft amendments to rise to the level of real autonomy. Worse, if they are already present in Ukraine, Donbass well and they moved to outright support of the Kiev regime. In the latter case, the “opposition” in the Donbass is really nothing to do. And it is nothing “does not shine”

Commenting on the developments in Ukraine, a prominent political analyst Mikhail Pogrebinsky before the vote in Parliament on the regulations he said: “In fact, Kiev does not want any of Donbass, but to say it openly can not, does not want and is not authorized to have Peter I have no positive. strategists at Donbass because hinders any clear Poroshenko, because its policy is policy uncertainty, prevarication and delaying it is an art -. not to take any decision is sad that our guarantor second term is much more important than the state of historical and geopolitical perspective. “

6 February 2016

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