The European Commission is ready to offer assistance to Moscow and Kiev in the negotiations, so that after 2019 “to come to the modern transit protocol”, based on the European regulations and legislation

In mid-December last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was not convinced of the need to stop the transit of Russian gas to Europe through Ukraine. Earlier the Russian authorities and the leadership of “Gazprom” have repeatedly stated that they will not renew the agreement on the transit of gas to Europe after 2019 in the unfavorable conditions of the Russian Federation.
Maroš Šefčovič has repeatedly said that the EU is important for the preservation of Ukrainian transit.

“We have seen the statements by President Putin, I have heard this from the Minister (of Energy Minister Alexander - Ed.) Novak. We understand that it would be very important to have a discussion on the revision of the Transit Protocol for the period beyond 2019. We are ready to be useful, to offer our help in this issue, because we believe that we can come to a modern transit protocol, which would be based on transparent rules and European legislation. I believe that it would be beneficial for all sides of this debate, “- said Maroš Šefčovič.

22 January 2016

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