Default of Ukraine led to a sharp drop hryvnia - it is 25.5, and it is not the limit

Technical default of Ukraine, declared yesterday at a meeting of the permanent commission ISDA, led to a sharp drop in the national currency. Ukrainians are reported in the Network of excitement at the black market rate.

How to write Ukrainian citizens on the Internet, the country has already started to panic. The dollar just for a day jumped from 21.15 to 22.5 hryvnia for one dollar. On the black market rates observed excitement, Ukrainians are trying to get rid of the hryvnia and buy an average of 3-4 thousand. Dollars, in some cases by 10-40 thousand.

At the same time the Ukrainian media are silent about what is happening. People have to share what is happening in various forums, there are people doing forecasts.

“Meanwhile, reports of news from Ukrainian forums furiously rub. Just open the page of the forum, to read that answer - everything is clear”, - writes the resource users

“I’m afraid the news. It’s a pity the people,” “Sadly it all, to be honest,” - to share their opinions of other visitors. “And what credit can now expect to Ukraine, or only the total sale of the property?” - They are given questions.

Recall October 3 International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) has officially recognized the failure of Ukraine to fulfill its obligations to creditors. By decision of the Permanent Commission ISDA October 4, Ukraine officially in a state of technical default.

6 October 2015

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