In Kiev, expressed a clear pro-Ukrainian coalition at the UN

The UN General Assembly has demonstrated the existence of “pro-Ukrainian coalition.” This was stated by the TV channelInter” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin.

“The UN has a very clear pro-Ukrainian coalition that understands that Ukraine is fighting for the values ​​here in Europe. Even on the scale of the United Nations to all not indifferent to what is happening in Ukraine. We have helped and will help” - quoted Klimkina “Interfax -Ukraine “.

According to the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, world leaders decided to separate the Syrian conflict from the Ukrainian problems. “The situation in Ukraine - it is a question of values, and in Syria - it is a matter of resolving the situation in the Middle East. These questions will never waste your time” - said the Minister.

Klimkin also accused Russia of “de facto support for terrorism” and expressed confidence that the international community has “no confidence” in Moscow.

5 October 2015

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