Ukrainians are asked to check Rosfinmonitoring offshore Poroshenko

“The Public Council of Ukraine” asked the Russian special services to help identify cases of corruption in the activities of the President of Ukraine

Ukrainian social activists asked the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring of the Russian Federation (Federal Financial Monitoring Service) to help in the investigation of the involvement of Ukrainian officials to money laundering in a large scale. Chairman of the public organization “Public Council of Ukraine” Valentin Khaletskiy September 16 sent to the head of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service Yury Chikhanchin letter (available to the “News”), which reports that the counts on the help of the Russian finrazvedki and international financial organizations to investigate the situation with the withdrawal of money from Ukrainian budget through an offshore company Intraco Management Ltd, allegedly pertaining to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, and people’s deputy of Ukraine Igor Kononenko.

The reason for the appeal, as stated in the letter, which appeared in the publication served as a “fourth power” information that Poroshenko and Igor Kononenko directly related to the offshore company Intraco Management Ltd, through which regularly carried out large sums of foreign currency funds of unknown origin. In particular, in 2012-2015 the offshore exercise significant payments in foreign currency, as well as taking on a large amount of their accounts of funds, including through Russian banks. In relation to payment orders specifying data Kononenko, as funds from the account of the offshore came at the expense of people’s deputy daughter - Darya, and it is paid for maintenance of the aircraft, which flies the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

In addition, reporters have found evidence that Intraco Management Ltd in the period of stay Poroshenko at the post of the president of Ukraine has received significant transfers from other offshore companies - for € 100 thousand., € 200 thousand. And € 500 th. Chapter of offshore indicates a long-time business partner Poroshenko Jeffrey Madzhistreyt. In 2005, the media wrote that Madzhistreyt has American citizenship, but a permanent resident in Cyprus and has been just offshore organization for Poroshenko.

“With this in mind, the case has obvious corruption symptoms and requires a thorough investigation with the assistance of international organizations and institutions in order to establish the involvement of Ukrainian officials to launder funds in especially large sizes through offshore companies. However, the establishment of all the circumstances of the present case and those responsible for criminal acts, it is impossible without the participation of Russian and international institutions. Russia has enough capacity to effectively investigate money laundering, including that involved Russian financial institutions “, - stated in the letter of the NGO ………

25 September 2015

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