Eyewitnesses shelling: GORLOVKA - WE ARE IN HELL

Ukrainian security officials continue to attack Gorlovka. According to witnesses, the shelling did not cease even for an hour. Artillery works in the area of ​​deep and Dyleevki. Punishers APU fire at the north-western outskirts of Gorlovka.

“Gorlovka - we are in hell, roaring like hell. Kurdyumovka, Dzerzhinsk report that flew just a swarm of projectiles at Gorlovka, one by one, the battery beat incessantly,” - reported by eyewitnesses.

Militias in the pages of summaries from the militia of New Russia also reported the continued firing of Gorlovka and Donetsk.
“Donetsk and Gorlovka suffer incessant shelling. As village. Lozovsky as a result of contact with a projectile fire happened. Solid paint shop and a five-storey house in the village. The October, Donetsk. In the area of ​​n. N. Spartak currently going strong fight. On the street. Victor Isakov in Donetsk as a result of a direct hit by a shell Ukrainian caught fire. The shelling resumed holmium 20:39. From the Kurdyumovki / Kodema from the standpoint of being APU periodic shelling district Golm heavy weapons. As a result of harsh attacks Donetsk: Kremlin 23, 3- second entrance, 5th floor. Direct hit. There were no casualties. The Kremlin and 41. Direct hit. Heavy fire. Str. Victor Isakov. Arrivals. There were no casualties. In Sec. DC in October illuminated five-story building. Burn 4 entrance. The shelling continued periodically ! shelling exposed Oktyabrsky, airport terminal, Zhabichevo and Spartak. Work ACS and mortars. ”

According to some reports, the APU used incendiary bombs in Donetsk. A powerful blow to the city did not stop all night. Security forces entrenched in the noise and Artemovo. Burning areas of Donetsk videotaped witness nightly shelling.

According to the Donetsk city administration recorded a direct hit on the Kremlin Avenue (4 high-rise buildings in all major destruction), in the street of the Czechoslovak (2 private houses, one completely destroyed). On the street of Victor Isakov shell hit destroyed a warehouse. Again, it was getting into the market, “Akhil”. In the streets of Petrozavodsk recorded entering the building, in the Economic - in warehouses. It is also reported two wounded.

Under Lugansk, closer to the city of gold, where the militants “Aydar”, began a shooting battle with mortars and artillery.

10 June 2015

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