Maidan-2? Protesters blocked the entrepreneurs center of Kiev to protest against the new Tax Code

Column entrepreneurs in the morning rally in Kiev against the Tax Code, went to Independence Square to the street Bankova, where the presidential administration.
Thus, the roadway was blocked streets Institutska, according to RBC-Ukraine. Law enforcement officers failed to push the pillar onto the sidewalk.
At the same time, some participants were protests in Independence Square, where the morning rallied around 4 thousand people.
Member of the National Coordinating Council protests Svetoslav Sweden reported that today to 18-19 hours in the city center to arrive 50,000 protesters. Among them will be as visitors, so residents of the capital.
On the street Bankova under the Presidential Administration protesters will be waiting for the arrival of the Brussels head of state Viktor Yanukovich. Recall Yanukovych today in Belgium to take part in Ukraine-EU summit.
If the president of Ukraine will sign the tax code and do not listen to the protests, demonstrators intend to go on an indefinite protest.

22 November 2010

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