Ukraine suffers from severe epidemics of hepatitis

First Deputy Minister of Health Mr. Lazoryshynets said that Ukraine is suffering from severe epidemics of hepatitis among the countries of Europe and the CIS. He made this statement yesterday, 19 May, at a press co[t:tag slug=press-sluzhba]pressnce[/t:tag], marking the World Day to combat viral hepatitis, the press service of Ministry of Health.

“Today the state has recognized this problem and is ready, together with community organizations to help solve it” - he Lazoryshynets.

He added that in Ukraine there is little information about hepatitis C (HS), while a group of viral hepatitis, the most dangerous among them is B and C, are expanding rapidly in our country and lead to chronic illness, with adverse consequences.

Press Service reported that, according to the World Health Organization, the number of carriers of hepatitis B virus in the world reaches 350-500 million, and people who have found markers of hepatitis C - over 180 million Number of people infected with the GS now in tens of times higher than the number of HIV-infected, but experts predict that by 2015-2020 the number of patients have doubled.

Meanwhile, the majority of Ukrainian patients are unaware of their disease, do not know how to protect yourself from this disease, do not know how dangerous bears the HS.

As reported Ukranews, in 2009 Kiev has taken 16 place out of 27 possible state of health of the population and the availability and quality of health services in the country. In this case the Ministry of Health noted that in 2009, improved funding from the state budget in all areas, and also in Kiev.

20 May 2010

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