UkroSMI: Ukrainians have to pay for the light, even if it is off

With the transition to market rates and the adoption of the Law “On the electricity market of Ukraine” will be introduced monthly fee for joining the apartment or house to an electrical outlet. Ukrainians will have to pay for the light, regardless of whether they use it or not electricity.

This was on “TV and Radio Company of the Black Sea,” answering questions “Internet”, said energy expert Valentin Zemlyansky.

He noted that it is difficult to say how the rates change, however, in his opinion, will surely be the payment for the use of mains.

“Sooner or later there will be a law on the electricity market of Ukraine, which provides for the same thing as with the gas: you will be required to pay a monthly fee for connecting to the network,” - said the expert.

He stressed that the Ukrainians will be paid depending on the capacity.

“In terms of power, which is wound on a flat or house, and will pay a monthly fee - regardless of whether we use power or not,” - said Zemlyansky.

He also noted that Ukraine is planning to introduce a single tariff for all consumers to pay for a single price.

“We are now moving in unison to a single tariff: we need to get somewhere in the 1.78 USD / kWh as a result with such fare any social norms need to be cleaned and all have to pay the same So if go out on the level of market rates, the above.. we will not pay “, - summed up Valentin Zemlyansky.

15 April 2016

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