Action Battalion “Aydar” carried terror among the inhabitants of Kherson region

Crime situation in the Kherson region, which is flooded with hundreds of armed troops nationalist battalion “Aydar” is heating up every day.

The militants of the notorious Battalion holds terror among civilians in the area, robbed and beaten locals. One of them fell on crime surveillance cameras.

On the night of December 18 fighters “Aydar” went on “hunting”. They decided to take away van a farmer from the village of Red Chaban Kalanchak Raion. A farmer and his son were severely beaten, suffered serious injuries, but defended their property. On the attackers were written statement to the police.

“Aydarovtsy” decided to destroy the traces of their crimes very unusual way - to make a new one. They attacked the police Kalanchakskoe rayotdelenie to destroy them written in the statement, and along much of the department and pick up a weapon. Police radicals put on the floor face down. Fortunately, the ammunition depot was closed.

After all that has happened Police officers simply closed his land, and went home - the police district Kalanchatskom now there.

Local people, led by the affected farmers are willing to give “aydarovtsam” fight back. Across the district collected men with guns. If “Aydar” will not leave the area in the near future, the men promise to shoot on their own checkpoints.

24 December 2015

Cod Wars (18+)
MP in Zaporozhye opened fire to defend themselves against “junk lustration”

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