Ambassador of the Netherlands: efforts to establish a tribunal of discontinued MH17

Countries belonging to the international investigation team (JIT: ​​Australia, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Belgium and Ukraine) to investigate the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing Ukraine, stopped efforts to establish an international tribunal on the basis of UN Security Council decisions, they are currently discussing an alternative, he said interview with RIA Novosti in Moscow, Ambassador of the Netherlands Ron van Dartel.

“Russia is very clearly stated its position with the veto. This is the end of efforts for the establishment of the tribunal, and now we are looking for an alternative to it,” - the diplomat said.

According to him, at present, these options are discussed between the member countries of the international investigation team. Among these alternatives ambassador called the investigation of the International Criminal Court (ICC), as well as conducting interstate court of the international investigation group. He stressed that currently “absolute priority” among these options there as discussion between the partners continues.

12 October 2015

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