Yanukovych urged Shell to begin production of shale gas for Ukraine

President Viktor Yanukovych called on Shell to start the development of shale gas in Ukraine.

“Today you are expected to effective action by top gas exploration, which is on the border of the Kharkiv and Donetsk regions, and certainly the beginning of production”, - Yanukovych said at the Davos meeting with the leadership of Shell.

As reported by New Region, formerly Energy Minister Yuriy Boyko said that shale gas production - one of the ways to reduce the dependence of Kiev from Russian gas supplies.

“The world is not serious attitude to the shale gas to the” revolution “in America … there in the past five years have seen an” explosion “in shale gas … Now some American companies are already our partners in the production of methane and shale gas. We are close to sign the joint venture prospects out there … we have very good even at the expense of coal-bed methane … I think that with such dynamics, we extract from 7 to 10 billion annually - a mixture of coal-bed methane and shale gas “- promised Boyko .

At the same time, experts from the Kiev Center for Political and Conflict Studies does not share the optimism of officials.

28 January 2011

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Director of the Institute of Ukrainian politics Kost Bondarenko believes that Ukraine’s deposits of shale gas is an additional argument in negotiations with the West.