Opposition to Independence has lost a pink elephant

After breaking up the meeting, held at the Independence Square, the opposition missed an inflatable pink elephant. On it informs “Glavred” citing the press service of the GO (civil unions), “The new Kiev.

The elephant was kept in one of the tents. GO representatives planned to launch it into the sky, so it became a symbol of “outstanding, inflated promises of power to the Ukrainian people.”

The launch was scheduled for November 29 but postponed it due to bad weather. Later, representatives of GO in general rejected this idea. According to the leader of the New Kiev “Zorian Shkiryak, by the time” meeting was managed and controlled by the authorities. ” “Hence, the effectiveness of such a bright event [start elephant] was used inadequate,” - he explains.

The elephant lost in liquidation of the tent camp (on the night of December 3). Shkiryak suggested that he was in possession of law enforcement. GO leader asked the police to return the lost item. “Our pink elephant does not commit any crimes, so I sincerely hope that it will be returned, and still delight residents and visitors,” - he said.

Earlier this inflatable elephant has been used by activists of the New Kiev “during the” Trojan elephant or Kievites write a letter Chernovetsky-Sultan (the action was devoted to the unfulfilled promises of the capital’s mayor Leonid Chernovetsky).

Rally at Independence Square, recall, lasted about two weeks. The participants (entrepreneurs and representatives of the opposition) demanded stopping the tax reform initiated by the authorities. After the new Tax Code was still accepted, the capital communal services in support of special forces were removed from the Maidan tent town and drove out the protesters.

7 December 2010

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