“New Independence” a protest against a new tax code in Kiev - dispersed by police

In the night from Thursday to Friday with riot MVD was dismantled a tent camp on Independence entrepreneurs.

According to Channel 5, on the perimeter of the Independence Square are police officers, according to preliminary estimates of the journalist, there are about 500 tons of people.

Six residents of the tent city were detained, according to the correspondent, just because they asked what was happening and sang patriotic songs, these people allegedly taken to a police station. Also, according to the correspondent channel, several people were injured in the demolition of the town, as they were beaten with batons on his legs.

3 December 2010

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• Battle at the festival near Kiev: Participants were beaten bits »»»
In Ukraine, the strangers with bats attacked the participants of the musical festival “Gaydamak, who is close to Kiev.
• Customs officers saw contraband 6 days bulbs »»»
At the customs point “Kozlovichi” on the Belarusian-Polish border, they arrested six tonnes of tubers elite colors.
• In the collision of train and bus in Ukraine, killing 37 people »»»
In a collision of a locomotive with a scheduled bus in Ukraine.
• Rally at Independence Square in Kiev continues even at night, despite the injunction. Protesters are gathering signatures for the impeachment of Mr. Yanukovych and Verkhovna Rada dissolution »»»
The police confirmed that there is a solution of the Kiev court to ban holding of shares in the city center.
• Ukrainian nationalists staged a fight with the veterans »»»
Nationalists tried to break through police cordon to prevent the deployment of Red Banner of Victory on the Hill of Glory in Lviv in the Victory Day.