In Kiev, a rehearsal parade: Ukrainian flag will be next to Russian

At Kiev airport Antonov, a joint rehearsal of the Victory Day parade with the participation of students from Belarus and Russia.

This is the third exercise, which was held already in full dress uniform clothing. By Ukrainian troops have joined 130 cadets of the Military Academy from Minsk and 75 guards, commandos Armed Forces of Russia.

Training began with the issuance of the national flag of Ukraine and authentic copy of the Victory Flag. Participation in the parade and took the red flags of the Second World War. National flag in the column set side by side with the Russian tricolor.

In general, in a joint training session was attended by more than 2600 members of the Armed Forces and other armed forces of Ukraine. Musical accompaniment provided 17 military bands - more than 600 military musicians. At the rehearsal and put technique.

Dress rehearsal parade will take place on Tuesday, May 4, at 10.00 on Khreschatyk.

4 May 2010

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