For “300 pieces of silver,” the United States will require Kiev of the war to the bitter end

US Congress decision to provide Ukraine the next fiscal year $ 300 million for “appropriate assistance in the field of security and intelligence” has caused a surge of euphoria in Kiev

Washington continues to bend the line, pushing the Kyiv not to search for peace in the Donets Basin, and the creation of the reasons for continuing the war. US demonstrate the sequence: telling one client countries to fight, they do not give it breathing space, forced to do it again and again.

We ate and tasks for which it was started confusion with guns and tanks in the southeast, if achieved, in part. Shaw, therefore, should continue, says the author of a REGNUM Jacob Rud.

“ATO” turned into a bloodbath, a humanitarian disaster, the suffering of millions of people, huge material losses, the emergence of a direct threat not only to the Ukrainian democracy, but also for the state. Despite all this, to stop “operation” mode is going. Power is very interested in the war in the southeast for several reasons, one of which is that it - the authorities - is, in fact, the question of self-preservation.

A significant part of the new political class, formed as a result of “Maidan”, also wants not peace but war.

Ukrainian society is split, the paradox, however, is that a considerable number of citizens under the roar of the propaganda hysteria ready not just to tolerate fratricide, and sympathize with him.

Because of the long ocean teased Kiev government promises the king’s gift: the transfer of the American Armed Forces of Ukraine lethal offensive weapons. Even, perhaps, too long: the lure as a result of lack of freshness and appeal. Return the increased interest in the topic, which was observed before, if desired, can be a variety of ways. Washington stopped, perhaps, on the simplest of them.

Kiev have promised “cake” and promised to allocate a couple of hundreds of millions of military aid.

13 October 2015

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