Yanukovych eliminates the cost of living

President Viktor Yanukovych said on the need to abolish the budget concepts of guaranteed cost of living, despite the existence of the Basic Law Article, which governs the payment of state social assistance.
“We need to eliminate the existence of the budget such a shameful thing as a guaranteed subsistence minimum” - the president said.

At the same time, he recalled that article in. 46 of the Constitution provides for the payment of state social assistance at a level no lower than the subsistence minimum.

Yanukovych appealed to the participants of the meeting to urgently make legislative proposals to resolve the issue.

Also, he once again assured that the 2011 would be increased welfare payments.

In this case, the main theme of the meeting was to find resources for financial support for social programs.

In particular, Yanukovych said that additional funding could be leveraged by expanding the list of objects for privatization, to implement the energy strategy for Ukraine to accelerate the processes of deregulation, the introduction of land market, the elimination of intermediaries in providing administrative services to state agencies, review of tax and customs services.

21 March 2011

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