Georgia seized Ukrainian ship for entry into the water Abkhazia

Georgia seized Ukrainian ship “Accord” in connection with violation of the Law “On Occupied Territories“. , Told Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleksandr Dikusar. “The court decided to confiscate the vessel as a means of committing a crime” - he said.

Dry cargo ship flying the flag of Ukraine was arrested July 28 in the cargo port of Poti staff of the Department of the Georgian Coast Guard. The vessel was sent from Rostov-on-Don in Armenia with a cargo of grain. The crew comprises 11 Ukrainians and the captain of the ship - a citizen of Russia. Four Ukrainians charged with illegal stay in the territory of Abkhazia.

Now the ship is in the waters of the naval base port. According to the decision of Poti city court, all crew members released on cash bail. They can move freely in the town of Poti. With Ukrainian sailors have met the Consul of Ukraine in Batumi. The crew is provided with drinking water and foodstuffs.

3 August 2010

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