National Review has recognized the bitter truth: support for Assad - the only realistic way to return stability to the Middle East that existed before the “Arab Spring”

“As the civil war in Syria and the migration crisis metastasize, we need a new approach that is gaining scale of human tragedy,” - he writes columnist for National Review Jay Hallen, a member of the US Council on Foreign Relations. According to him, until now the administration of US President Barack Obama mostly sitting on the sidelines partly because of fatigue from the war, but mainly due to the fact that in Syria are fighting a variety of different groups, with a good hand, which could be support, there is not.

After the Pentagon to his embarrassment acknowledged that the preparation of “four or five” fighters of the Syrian opposition has been spent half a billion dollars, it becomes clear the following: conventional fantasy is the idea that the US could find reliable Syrian allies, who would act against * IG and against Assad. It’s like “thread a needle is incredibly thin,” says the author. At the same time, according to columnist National Review, it should be understood that the rebels, which will train and equip Washington initially may declare loyalty to the United States, and then will arrange “sectarian and tribal vendetta.”

In addition, even if the United States would still be able to find a suitable group, and that will take control of the country, until the consolidation of power in its hands and to go to a relative world still have a long way.

“However, the severity of the Syrian crisis is such that we can not afford to seek a solution that would be for us attractive from an ideological point of view. The real politics - it’s the only option. To support President Bashar Assad - just the best, or at least the least bad option remaining, “- says Jay Hallen.

In addition, to support the Syrian leader - is “the only realistic way to” return to the Middle East region of relative stability that existed before the “Arab Spring”, and the IG to win, I’m sure the author. According to him, there is no more interested in defeating “Islamic state” person than al-Assad, who wanted to rebuild Syria in its internationally recognized borders, as well as revenge for the atrocities of terrorists IG, which are arranged on the Syrian soldiers.

But support for Assad is the need to recognize three “inconvenient truth.”

Firstly, it is necessary to recognize that the Middle East has been a secure and stable when power was Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi.

“For clarity, I say, both carried out massacres of their own people and suffered from delusions of grandeur … However, they were secular despots that have held back jihadism and sectarian violence,” - explains the author.

11 January 2016

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