In Ukraine, we created an armored car “Godzilla” based on military “Ural”

Kiev company Reform, dealing with armored cars[/t:[t:tag slug=avtomobil]cars[/t:[t:tag slug=mashina]cars, armored presented “Godzilla.” The machine is designed on the basis of the military “Ural”, writes portalNew time“.

Armored car, designed for 14-18 seats, capable of withstanding fire from Dragunov sniper rifle and AK-47. The machine has a system of heating and air conditioning.

Armor plates, in addition to the cockpit and the landing bay, protected by the bottom and the fuel tank. On the contour of the openings of doors equipped with additional steel frames that protect against shrapnel.

“Godzilla” provided evacuation hatches and loopholes, allows the crew to fire.

The new authorities in Ukraine in the spring of 2014 began the so-called anti-terrorist operation against the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass, which refused to recognize the coup d’etat in February in Kiev. The fighting killed several thousand people.

February 12, 2015 at the talks in Minsk had agreed a package of measures for the peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donbass. In particular, the sides agreed to a cease-fire and the withdrawal of artillery from the line of contact, as well as the exchange of prisoners. Ukrainian security forces and militias have repeatedly accused each other in disrupting both of these agreements.

9 June 2015

The United States decided not to deliver an offensive weapon Ukraine
Eyewitnesses shelling: GORLOVKA - WE ARE IN HELL

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"Our goal - to help strengthen the defense capability of Ukraine by optimizing military-technical cooperation.