At the grave of Bandera put alarm

Relatives of Stepan Bandera’s going to set the alarm and video surveillance at his grave in Munich, said on the night of Tuesday, May 5, Ukrainian “Television news service” (TSN). The decision is due to constant attempts desecrated burial.

Alarm “be frightened of these people from that infamous work that they do at the tomb of Stepan Bandera” - said his son Andrei Kuts.

A few days ago, unknown attackers painted a cross made of white marble with red paint. An act of vandalism has learned from the words of tourists visiting the burial place of Ukrainian leaders. The paint was washed off.

The tomb is constantly exposed to the invasion of the Vandals. Since the beginning of this year has already made three attempts desecration of cemeteries. In the summer of 2014 unknown and completely turned the cross and the burial itself Bandera tried to open.

5 May 2015

In Kiev, with automatic weapons shot the police patrol
In Ukraine, there was a film-investigation of the events of May 2

• Vandals sprayed paint Fame Monument in Lviv »»»
In Lviv, an act of vandalism. Unknown spilled paint Monument fame.
• President explained what made Bandera hero »»»
Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko explained why it was now decided to assign Stepan Bandera title “Hero of Ukraine”, said the radio station Ekho Moskvy.
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Verkhovna Rada deputies today amended the Criminal Code of Ukraine.
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Children taken out of the Kiev authorities in the summer of last year proclaimed the People's Republic of Donetsk can get status without parental custody without trial.
• Victory Day on the streets of Ukrainian cities, along with state flags will be displayed red Soviet flags »»»
Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych vowed to sign already approved by the Rada a bill requiring posting of the Victory Day together with the state flags of red flags.