Why was the Russian people dumb?

The most heinous crimes in human history, when the alien people, depriving indigenous people of their own power over the native national language. The people, deprived of power over their national language, as if asleep and can not do anything. He’s asleep even when the fire, war or a flood.

Today, a hostile alien power openly destroyed Russia, and Russian can not do anything, because all the organizing power of power of the tongue is under the control of alien forces.

21 July 2011

Ukrainians pretend to be dead to get money from the state
The mayor of Feodosia to clean up the embankment of the Negro

• Living in Sevastopol defend the right to speak in Russian »»»
In Sevastopol burst of popular indignation aroused decision of the local court.
• "You're dead, we'll crucify the birch": The author of the law on languages ​​in Ukraine threatened to "the beautiful Russian ' »»»
The power conflict in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine during consideration of the law on languages ​​have provoked the opposition “.
• Leader of the rock band "Screams Vidopliassova" knows how to stop the conflict between the Ukraine population of east and west country once and for all to ban Russian language »»»
"If people, after watching the TV - St. George's grandmother, retired and geeks - go into the streets and kill people, it is a crime.
• Russian language in Ukraine to get state - Administration Yanukovych »»»
Russian language would receive broad public support in Ukraine, said on Monday the deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine.
• The Russian consul in Lviv complained of threats of murder and predicts the return of center "Russian world" in Kiev »»»
The Russian consul in Lviv Eugene Guzeev complained that he had death threats after he spoke.