“We colleagues from Ukraine as a potential participants in a potential lawsuit on Russian debt is no chance to win,” - Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak

Russia sue Ukraine within 10 days after December 20, ie, December 31 as the mere fact of non-payment is recognized in the international court is 10 days after the date of payment of external debt obligations.

“When the fact of non-payment will be set by the court in English, this means a very fast and the specific procedure for the adoption of the final decision,” - said Storchak.

“The moratorium, which introduced the Ukraine for the payment of the Russian debt, belongs to the so-called events of default, but in terms of judicial perspective is more important offensive of the fact of non-payment”, - he added.

However, on the eve of Storchak did not rule out that Russia and Ukraine will always be able to enter the world in the settlement of the debt, as any Parties to the lawsuit. According to experts, the prospects for the return of Russian funds vague. We are talking about years. Arrest of overseas property Ukraine will also be difficult, since it is inherent in ensuring Ukraine’s debt to the International Monetary Fund.

19 December 2015

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