British media have published photos of the special camps, where soldiers of the battalion “Azov” teach children to shoot

The British newspaper Daily Mail published an article, which tells about the camp near Kiev, in which members of a neo-Nazi group “Azov” teach children from six years to use firearms.

Edition The Daily Mail published photographs in which children collect, load and fire with machine guns, as well as undergoing field training. According to the newspaper, even girls are taught.
Camp volunteers called “Azovets” by analogy with the battalion “Azov”, the soldiers who are mentors and teachers of children.
Head of the camp, the battalion commander “Azov” Andrew Biletsky.

13 August 2015

In the first half of GDP fell by 16.3%. On several billion increase costs ATO
Rescue Committee of Ukraine shall be the first casualties. In Italy, for a blow to the nose 8-year-old arrested Vladimir Markin

• Ukrainian Scouts punished squats for Russian language »»»
Ukrainian Girl Scouts of the patriotic movement, “Plast” squats are punished for using the Russian language, wrote on Thursday, Ukrainian newspaper Segodnya.
• In the Ukraine are members of the searches created Dzhemilev and Kolomoisky battalion "Crimea" and seized a large quantity of firearms and drugs »»»
During today carried out searches at the places of residence in Ukraine, participants of the so-called battalion "Crimea" seized a large quantity of firearms and drugs.
• In the Hall of Lviv teachers allowed to beat students »»»
Deputy Mayor of Lviv Oleg Sinyutka February 10 during the discussion preparing the city for the Easter stated that schools are no additional funds this year will not be allocated.
• Europe scares re Nazism from Ukraine (But seriously she is unable to resist this, experts) »»»
Central British newspaper "The Daily Telegraph" has confirmed the participation of European neo-Nazis in punitive action against the New Russia.
• Dr. Lisa: "The number of wounded children in the Donbass does not decrease and will not diminish" »»»
The Children's Day Doctor Elizabeth Glinka, who returned from the Donbass with another group of wounded and sick children.