“This is Ukraine, baby …” An unexpected result of Maidan: The Russian language in Lviv Ukrainian thronging

An unexpected result of the Maidan in Lviv significantly expanded the use of the Russian language in all spheres of life. About this on his page on the social network says a local broadcaster Ostap Drozdov.

“The revolution of dignity” legalized de facto bilingualism in Ukraine. The revolution itself was bilingual, and the Lions are only now beginning to feel the discomfort. In Lviv, totally increased the number of Russian language.

Tens of thousands of settlers have added a third Russian-speaking Lions. This - the price of staying in Ukraine, which is a naturally bilingual. Wanting to be in Ukraine, Lviv must take bilingualism as an axiom.

This - my pain. But it can not be changed. And it will be even worse. Therefore, the appearance of Russian TV channels in the Lviv programs - it is Ukraine, baby. Do not we come up with.

I often hear from the media colleagues: if you want to be a nationwide channel - in your air should sound Russian. Competitors are expanding their audience due to the Russian language. And have success. Because it is Ukraine, baby …

The war in Dlnbasse pulled to the surface glaring antagonisms inherent in the very structure of Ukraine. Lions saw the difference in Ukraine is so obvious, profound and irresistible that it can not be anything smooth and unify. No regional practices can not be nation-wide “- recognizes Drozdov.

8 July 2015

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“You left your native shore, and to the other and do not stick”

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