Friday’s: Ostriches are home to protect the rich Ukrainian

Wealthy citizens of Ukraine are increasingly beginning to use to protect their country houses rather than traditional ostrich dogs. Many owners of the latter-day custody of the hearth are sure that ostriches much more effective than dogs to protect their possessions. What is a watchdog ostrich - the next fad or still have lackeys new competitors?

Life as we know, this vanity fair. One of the greatest pleasures for the person - is to splurge. And envy - one of the best compliments. Therefore, spread among Ukrainian rich new feature - the watchdog ostrich. As the Kiev newspaper “Today”, near Kiev in Yasnogorodskom ostrich nursery assure that the wealthy citizens of Ukraine are increasingly becoming ostriches to protect their country houses. That is, a huge bird away from its traditional role - an ostrich-tobacco.

According to the owners of the newly-minted security, ostriches are more effective than traditional watchdogs. First, the ostrich is much more - an adult African ostrich grows to two and a half feet and weigh up to 200 pounds. But this is not important. I have an instinct of the ostrich its territory: the appearance of strangers he perceives as an attack on its possessions, and attack. Moreover, it attacks very aggressively. Ostrich can strike with its beak or foot with such force that a person breaks down the ridge. At the same time is able to distinguish between an ostrich and them.

Straus, being, in fact, a large chicken, eats the same things as the normal laying hen. Only much more. And carries the eggs, which are considered a delicacy. In general, some advantages of ostriches, but the only drawback. A disadvantage of this: the ostrich can not live alone. Purchasing ostrich to protect his house, he will have to buy the company and - 3 or 4 females. For such a family plot and the corresponding need at least 20 acres of land. However, the poor and ostriches do not buy.

7 October 2011

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