Belarus will host the first championship for throwing cow patties

It will happen on the new festival “Volnaye pavetra.”
Author: Euroradio 18.08.2011 11:00

On the eve of the festival organizers, Vladimir Shablinsky, Eugene and Alexander Bogdanov[t:tag slug=evgenij-kolmykov]Bogdanov Kolmykov gathered to tell you why it is worth to visit Volnaye pavetra.
First, says Yevgeny Kolmykov, this year’s festival will host a new format - on one stage together representatives of the new ethno just five countries.

Eugene Kolmykov: “As you know, the festival has been around for several years, but in a format that we all navydumyvali, will be the first time. If in Belarus held a folk festival - have formed a stereotype and a certain part of teams that play there. I it seems that there is no development. So we decided to take this creative experiment, an idea that - to rock music overall situation. ”

According to Alexander Bogdanov, a group to participate in the festival were selected based on the principle of “like that ourselves.”

Alexander Bogdanov: “That is, there were no applications for participation, no specific selection criteria. We just got together and decided that it should be the first ethnics and modern, with some modern trends in music. I think ethnics can promote only weaving it into the fabric of contemporary culture. We remembered all the groups in this direction and chose the ones that are best suited to fit and can come to us. “

18 August 2011

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