Ukrainians offered to order a drinking companion at home

Residents Dneprodzerzhinsk Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine had the opportunity to order a drinking companion at home, reported IA “new bridge”. Room service is from 100 to 150 hryvnia per week (approximately 390 - 580 rubles), depending on the customer’s wishes.

For example, anyone can call in guests as a drinking companion without any special talents, and a companion, which specializes in the telling of jokes or playing the guitar. Alcoholic drinks and snacks should pay the customer.

13 December 2010

Berezovsky has called Yushchenko a weakling and a traitor, and Ukrainians elected president, “plow” and “schmuck.”
The draft state budget for 2011 on medical care of a member of the Cabinet allocated the same as for the treatment of more than 4 thousand Ukrainians

• How to live with patients with alcoholism. »»»
Many people fall into a situation where their home and loved one is drinking.
• Ukraine bans in restaurants to keep the bears - they are forced to drink vodka »»»
Ukraine has decided to ban restaurants and cafes to keep the bears to entertain guests after a member of the Cabinet Office said that he can not see how the animals forced to drink vodka.
• What will the Russian economy Donbass? »»»
In the Monday, April 7 supporters federalization of Ukraine, seized government buildings in Donetsk.
• "Naftogaz" raised rates for multi-family homes up to the level of industrial »»»
"Naftogaz of Ukraine" requires associations of condominiums in the suburbs of Kiev (Irpen, Bucha, Vorzel) to pay for the gas used for heating, on industrial tariffs - 4.
• In Ukraine the forbidden drink beer and smoke in the elevators and telephone booths »»»
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has restricted the sale and consumption of low alcohol drinks and beer.