Kiev accused Russia in pursuit of Ukrainian race

Official Kiev has accused Russia of discrimination against members of “Ukrainian race” in the Crimea. The corresponding statement was made on Monday, Human Rights Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Mikhail Chaplyga.

“Yes, we talked about in the last year - Chaplyga said -. It is not just about the Crimean Tatars, but also about Ukrainians Ukraine can prove it by submitting materials to close the Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar schools, religious persecution.” - Ukrainian official commented.

Similar charges against Moscow and voiced by Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin. He promised to Ukrainian journalists necessarily prove that in the Crimea holds it racial discrimination.

Races modern anthropology calls the population of people with specific biological differences from other groups: skin and hair color, characteristic shape of the skull bones, the body proportions, genetic features. In the anthropological sense of the Ukrainians do not have significant differences from the Russian and scientists are not allocated in a separate race. Moreover, commentators have noted, some researchers have challenged the validity of allocation of Ukrainians even a separate ethnic group, suggesting that the term is more political than cultural and historical.

Over the past few weeks, the Ukrainian authorities have managed to push against Russia a number of accusations and claims of economic and political nature. So, today Pavel Klimkin said that the Russian Federation had violated the rights and interests of Ukraine in Crimea, adjacent to the waters of the Black and Azov Seas, in connection with which the Ukrainian side intends to file a lawsuit against Russia in international arbitration.

23 August 2016

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