Forthcoming meeting in Minsk can bring results with LC


After the International Roundtable in Lugansk August 20 the head of the Luhansk People’s Republic Igor Carpenter stated that the next meeting in Minsk can bring practical results.

According to the head of the republic, holding such a round table with participation of representatives of different countries it was necessary, as the live communication with foreign counterparts produces results and leads to the solution of many domestic issues LC. One such problem for the republic for a long time remain the Minsk agreement, which Ukraine refused to comply, and this in turn does not allow LNR and DNR to move forward. Igor Carpenter stated that alternatives to these agreements there, but they are “stuck in one place and you had something to grow and change.” To do this, and a meeting was arranged.

- I am sure that at the next meetings of the Minsk something will change. Perhaps the time has come to speak more tougher, right, including for our people, for people to understand why there are certain events, why Ukraine needs land, and not the people, why do you need wealth, and people do not need. Earlier this wealth belonged to a handful of oligarchs, and now this wealth, we are trying to make property of the people, and little by little it’s all we do. Ukraine, we do not need - we are carriers of a different culture, a different pharmacy, the victory in the end, - said Igor Carpenter.

He added that the roundtable gave their results, and such meetings will continue as foreign representatives serving “no templates, live thoughts and try to find solutions to problems.”

20 August 2016

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