Poroshenko in Warsaw, at the NATO summit in holey sock

Source: argumenti.ru

Members of social networks noticed holey sock with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Ukrainian president on Friday, July 8 laid flowers at the monument to victims of the Volyn tragedy. Poroshenko at the monument lit the oil lamp, knelt and crossed himself. Pants a little up, and on the heel flashed hole.

Leader Square accompanied by his wife Marina Poroshenko, Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak, Verkhovna Rada Hope Savchenko and former foreign minister, now Ukraine’s Ambassador to Poland Andrey Deshchitsa.

Communicating with journalists Poroshenko refused. But fotokorra naschelkat images on which social networks users spotted President holey sock. Photo published on Twitter.

In Poroshenko sock tore pic.twitter.com/BHijITRzqF - Alexey (@Alekzzzzz) July 8, 2016

Some users suggested that his new socks Poroshenko sent a cyborg in the ATO zone, and he is forced to continue wearing the old ones. Others sneer that torn socks are part of the uniform for his trips abroad as well “over served”.

9 July 2016

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