To Euro-2012 in the Ukrainian city burned alive homeless animals

The whole world is collecting signatures for a Ukrainian cities to stop abuse of animals.

The Internet community has the ears of the news that the government uses Lisichansk mobile crematorium for the destruction of stray animals, as the stage of preparation for the championship of Euro 2012 in Ukraine. According to the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine, on dogs and cats are hunted with a special gun, after that, even live animals are thrown into the furnace where the temperature exceeds 900 degrees, so they are burned alive.

According to ecologists, the crematorium on wheels that travels to the city for the second year, cost of 198 thousand hryvnia. It was transferred to the balance of public transport company “Kommuntrans”, which deals with municipal waste removal.

Torture of animals periodically stopped and then resumed again, say environmentalists.

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16 September 2011

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