Inspection may be canceled

State Committee for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship jointly with the SAI creates a working group to examine the possibility of lifting the technical inspection for cars.

This is his blog said the head of State Committee Mikhail Brodsky.

According to Brodsky, that agreement was reached yesterday, 18 August, during a meeting with Deputy Interior Minister Viktor Ratushnyak.

“We have a mutual understanding with him that the inspection in its current form - is an anachronism … Our committee, together with traffic police working group level. It will examine how to simplify inspection for taxis and carriers, and to cancel it for passenger cars”, - Brodsky said, adding that the first meeting of the Working Group will be held today, August 19.

In addition to the State Committee intend to simplify the statement and Deregistration of vehicles in MPEG. “Make it in the end so that it takes 5-10 minutes,” - said Brodsky.

Earlier, Brodsky requested the Committee to simplify the procedure of origin inspection and study the feasibility of its passage for cars. This is due to the fact that according to Brodsky, inspection requires the collection of a large number of documents and the payment of substantial sums for the services.

This was followed by the reaction of GAI. In Office, sure - can not cancel the inspection. According to the Chief of Traffic Police Department of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine Valery willow, this is due to the fact that Ukraine has an outdated fleet, which needs to be checked tehsostoyaniya, at least once every 2 years.

19 August 2010

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• Yanukovych signed a law abolishing the inspection (in contrast to Russia, the Ukrainian authorities lacked the political will to abolish inspection, recognizing that this procedure is meaningless) »»»
President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych signed a law abolishing the inspection of cars, the press service of the state.
• Yanukovych has prepared a decree on the abolition of inspection »»»
“Inspection of private vehicles, which have promised to cancel, still exists.
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SAI of Ukraine carries out an unusual experiment. Traffic police Nikolaeva lifted the warning yellow signal lights.
• GAI Odessa revenged the driver to shoot traffic cop, who called the Ukrainian language "calf tungsten" »»»
Activist snyavshego video cops and veal tongue, “put on five days.
• Ianoukovitch a signé une loi abolissant l'inspection (par opposition à la Russie, les autorités ukrainiennes n'avaient pas la volonté politique d'abolir l'inspection, en reconnaissant que cette procédure n'a pas de sens) »»»
Président de l’Ukraine Viktor Ianoukovitch a signé une loi abolissant l’inspection des voitures, le service de presse de l’Etat.