Polish journalist offered to settle Lvov Poles

Mariusz Max columns - one of the most popular Polish journalists, who lives in the United States, tried to predict further developments after the referendum in the UK. At its channel on Youtube, he posted a video called “Brexit and after that?”

According to the journalist Brexit made possible by germanotsentrichnoy policy Chancellor Angela Merkel, who flooded Europe wave “of the Muslim flood.” This led to the undermining of the foundations of the two major EU: the Schengen area and the euro area.

“What now threatens the collapse of the European Union”, - says Mariusz column.

Journalist recalls that two years ago he predicted the UK out of the EU. He believes that the next referendum could be held in France. And France’s withdrawal from the EU will inevitably lead to the collapse of the European Union. The collapse of the EU could provoke a war and change of borders.

“It will be a very dangerous situation for Poland, as it borders the West and East are the most unsafe in Europe … Any movement at these borders - a third world war”, - says the column.

He adds that the Merkel government would be forced to resign, and the German radicals, which can come to power, could recall about the change of borders on the Oder and Neisse. In his opinion, the answer to these threats is another proetnicheskaya policy in the East:

“We need to zaselyat former Polish territory Poles … We do not accept people from Lviv to Poland, only to send the Poles in Lviv! That they were there, so we have occupied these territories and have shown that we have there are their minority. And if the Germans were reminded of the western border … We will be able to balance and gain time in the negotiations “, - says the Polish journalist.

The journalist also stressed that Poland should open its doors to the Eurasian Union. He explains that after Breksita Germany will start the expansion to the east.

“They will go to Russia through Poland and therefore Poland has to get ahead of them only in the balance between the two unions, the Eurasian Union and the American Union, is the future of a stable and prosperous Poland.” - Said Mariusz column.

It is worth mentioning that more than a year ago, the Polish journalist said that Germany, Ukraine, Poland and Russia has long-standing territorial disputes.

“In Germany, in Poland there are those lands that it can be considered historically their own - as well as Poland has in Ukraine and Russia - in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine”, - said column, adding also that Wrocław was the sixth largest city in Germany - as well as the Lions was the third city in the second Polish Republic.

It should be noted that many Poles still consider the Polish city of Lvov and his dream of returning to Poland. The social network Facebook has groups like Lwów Zawsze Polski (Polish Lviv always).

Available in T-shirts and mugs with the same inscription:

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Besides Polish nationalists organize events, to recall who owns the Lions:

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The inscription on the banner reads: “There is no Lviv Poland”

In October last year the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy had to call “on the carpet” the Consul General of Poland due to the fact that the Polish organizers of the action “Race of Independence” was used in the run advertising prewar map of Poland, where the territory of Western Ukraine shows a part of the Second Polish Commonwealth.

18 July 2016

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