The first scandal in the government Groisman. Finance Minister hastily cover their tracks

After the information on the appointment of the new Minister of Finance Alexander Danyluk, a British firm, which he led until recently, hastily changed the description of its activities.

Editing information on the website of the British firm was yesterday. Danyluk company decided to remove the information from prying eyes that she was engaged in buying up land in Kyiv region and the cities of Ukraine in the interests of investors.

Yesterday, on the eve of the nomination for the post of Deputy Minister of Finance President Alexander Danyluk administration, the media published information about business officer. The primary source of information was the representative of the organization “Civil Control” Igor Prokhorenko. On svoїy Facebook page, he said that an official from the AP to the last time the combined state post as director of two companies in London: Rurik Real Estate Investment Limited and CEE Investments & amp; Advisory LLP.

Later, he admitted Danyluk through social networks, that was the general director of investment company Rurik Investment Group from 2007 to the end of 2010, has not yet moved to Ukraine. Then he allegedly wrote a letter of resignation of the CEO and the sale of its stake.


After returning to Ukraine Danyluk he became an adviser to the then President Viktor Yanukovych, and from autumn 2010 to February 2014 was led by the Coordination Centre for the implementation of economic reforms. This structure was under the patronage of the head of administration Yanukovich Sergey Lyovochkin.

“The company itself has yet to be conducted business activity, and the beginning of the restructuring in order to optimize spending,” - wrote five minutes to the Minister of Finance. Danilov added that did not participate in the restructuring, the income from the enterprise have not received. Also, the official pointed out that the second British firm - CEE Investment & amp; Advisory LLP - was not a director and partner. “Revenues from the partnership - 11152 pounds - are listed in my declaration for 2015, revising Danyluk - This is the money received from the restructuring Rurik Investment Group, which is engaged in CEE Investment & amp;. Advisory LLP”.

However, the future Minister of Finance said, not all.

As has found out “Commander in Chief”, yesterday, April 13, former partners Danyluk from Britain hastily changed the description of its activities on the official website of the company.

Thus, even in the middle of yesterday on the website of Rurik Real Estate Investment Limited author of this article I had read that the firm specializes in real estate investments “in Eastern Europe, with a special focus on Ukraine.” The Company clarifies that serves “real estate investor in the Ukrainian real estate market in the short and medium term,” buying “land banks on favorable terms.” These assets were offered to investors for the purchase or development of joint projects. “Our primary focus - Kiev region, large and medium cities of Ukraine”, - stated on the website. In addition, it was stated that the British firm, which has a “strong local network in Ukraine” provides services “select the location of the future of the asset management of complex processes of acquiring, combining multiple land re-zoning to ensure the development of …”

This description is to yesterday’s evening was gone from the site - owners replaced it with another, where the word “Ukraine” and “Kiev region” no longer appear.

Missing from the site description of the business can now be found only through the service search engine Google Cashe. As is well known, it allows you to become familiar with the content of websites to the last change.

Here is how this text appeared until recently:



In the top photo we noticed a red rectangle that recent Google Site scan performed April 8, 2016. At that time, as at the beginning of the previous day, a description of Rurik Real Estate Investment Limited business looked exactly as seen on printskrin: investors offered to buy up Ukrainian land services, including, in the Kiev region.

Now, the site looks different: it is not about Ukraine already is there. Instead, the company offers its mediation in real estate investments in large and medium cities in Eastern Europe.

Now the business card of the British company, which is relevant to the Ukrainian official, looks like this:

It is worth noting that former companions Danyluk yesterday made another important update. The registers of British companies, a new entry, dated April 13, 2016, that Alexander Danyluk was dismissed as director of Rurik Real Estate Investment Limited in May 2015.

Thus, a future minister removed the suspicion that he combined the civil service in the administration of President Petro Poroshenko (September 2015) with the management of the British company.

14 April 2016

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