National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting of February 11 the country has banned the broadcast of Russian TV channels 15

We are talking about such channel “Top Secret,” “Who’s Who”, “Chanson-TV”, “Amusement Park,” “World series”, “Auto Plus”, “Kitchen TV[/t:ta[t:tag slug=tv]TV“, “KHL”, “Science 2.0″ “My planet“, “Telecafe”, “Fighter”, “time: distant and close”, “Real Scary Television” ( “NBT”) and “Dress”. The decision will come into force one month.

The decision was made “on the results of the monitoring channels that are retransmitted in cable networks of Ukraine.”

In Kiev, claiming that the main reasons for the ban was a violation of the legislation on advertising, and “in the part of the national security.”

11 February 2016

Ukraine survive without the “Gazprom”
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