I stoma …

I’m tired. I’m tired of the corrupt cops who kryshujut entire illegal business in the country, it is the Golden Eagles, who on the block -Wait mock volunteers by customs officers on the border with the Crimea are earning millions of dollars in kickbacks and driven in Kiev …

I’m tired of the fact that the president is constantly lying and no one has even asked why he does it, I’m tired of that Firtash even nobody asked, I’m tired of boilers Ilovaisky, Debaltsevskogo and inshih.

Stoma from SBU, which accompanies the goods to the occupied territories from the infidels Heneral that at every step of our soldiers poured from Prime * EPA, which lies on the growth and stabilization of the budget, tired of theft at every level of government, from the inactivity of the prosecutor, on sales judges, from what ever killed my friends, I’m tired of the war.

And I was very tired from the interior minister, who dares to publicly call the young woman - a volunteer who just have not been able to make their lies “filth” and promises to severely punish.

I’m tired of zbolenih eyes wounded, displaced by despair, it is not wanted.
I’m tired and I want to say: Janek and his associates was an abomination, but such abominations as the current government, we have not been.

We - a used condom, we stupidly used and discarded are now rotting in the trenches, in the dumps … naked, bare, ragged slaves.

Because we are for them “scum.” For them we are “scum.” And I do not know what to do. I think the Vita know, but where to get such Wit?

9 May 2015

In Kiev, for the shooting of police officers arrested known neonatsistka Vita Zaveruha
Victory Parade in Moscow became the most popular among Ukrainians request

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