Kiev will continue to supply weapons to Georgia. (Ukraine is interested in expanding bilateral relations in all fields)

President of Ukraine completes the process of merging and subjection the export of arms and military equipment. Along the way, Viktor Yanukovych can solve some political problems, eliminating many opponents with an investigation of abuses in the industry with the orange power. This conclusion comes Ukrainian experts, commenting on the fact that the country’s prosecutor general’s office began checking supplies of Ukrainian missiles to Georgia in 2005.

On this Monday reported Ukrainian newspaper “Day”. Earlier media mentioned that the state-owned Ukroboronservis in collaboration with the private Ukrainian-Russian JV “Parallax” was bought from the MOD and technically prepared for a subsequent sale of fifty anti-aircraft guided missiles. They are used for systems “Buk-M1 and Buk-M1-2.

Details of the investigation be kept confidential, although it was learned that the abuse related mainly to a mismatch licensed commercial structure this type of activity and with financial fraud amounting to $ 1 million

One industry expert noted, “NY” on the fact that nothing can be heard on much more ambitious and controversial deal that period - supplies to Georgia anti-aircraft missile systems “Buk”, capable of hitting aircraft, cruise missiles and remotely piloted aircraft. “Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry in due time found out that on the orders of Yushchenko to Georgia was supplied several such complexes, at a price low ten times. The Commission also alleged that at least one” Beech “was removed from alert status, which itself in itself is a crime - unless, of course, is untrue, “- said the source of the newspaper.
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19 October 2010

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• Yushchenko could open a criminal case. General Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal investigation into arms sales to Georgia. »»»
Attorney General’s Office, having examined the material provided by the Commission of Inquiry to investigate arms supplies to Georgia, initiated a number of criminal cases.
• Ukraine's Prosecutor General's Office filed a case on the sale of missiles to Georgia, which are used against the Russian army »»»
The new government in a different look at selling Ukrainian arms to Georgia.
• Rosaviation named named the new facts unreliable data in the report of the Netherlands on the MN17 »»»
Rosaviation states, in particular, of non-compliance contained in the Dutch report performance characteristics of the fragments submunitions warhead 9N314M.
• A list of Ukrainian military who took part in the hostilities in Georgia »»»
People’s deputy, a member of the parliamentary faction of the Party of Regions, Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on the clarification and verification of the facts of supplies to Georgia Valery Konovalyuk unveiled a list of military personnel operating the air defense systems “Buk-M1 on the side of the Georgian armed forces during the August conflict in the South Caucasus.
• Ukraine should be part of air and missile defense system in Europe - Turchynov »»»
Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov considers that Ukraine should protect yourself and become a part of air and missile defense in Europe.