Residents of Ukraine has become popular to give up smoking

Ukrainians refuse en masse from smoking, according to the results of the “Global survey of adults on tobacco use.” According to the poll, the spread of daily smoking over the past 5 years in Ukraine decreased significantly.
So, in 2005, daily smokers 62% of men, and in 2010 - already 45%. Further 5 years decreased smoking among women. The number of those fallen by almost half - from 17% to 9%.
In addition the survey also showed that more than 90% of Ukrainian population supports a ban on smoking in all public places. And 68% of those who smoke at the moment, said they were interested in smoking cessation, support a total ban on tobacco advertising in the population rose from 49% in 2000 to 70% in 2010.
The survey was conducted in the framework of cooperation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the World Health Organization as activities within the state, targeted social programs to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco on public health in Ukraine for the period until 2012. Total surveyed 8,000 173 respondents.

27 September 2010

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