Turchynov accused the West is that it is not prepared to defend Ukraine

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov said that the disarmament of the country 21 years ago was “meaningless.” According to him, are now strategic partners are not ready to defend Ukraine and “it is necessary to rely only on themselves.”

Turchinov recalled that on 5 December 1994, he was signed by the Budapest Memorandum, when Ukraine “convinced that nuclear weapons do not need it, because the guarantor of its sovereignty, independence and inviolability of borders made heavy duty of the state” - the US, Britain and Russia.

According to him, when Ukraine appealed to strategic partners for help, she said that the memorandum - a formal document, it does not provide real mechanisms for the implementation of guarantees. “That is, Ukraine disarmed real and proved guarantees” contingent “, - he said, noting that all this proves” the meaninglessness of disarmament. ”

Turchinov also said that partners of Ukraine have not yet been put to her lethal weapon, “without causing any real arguments.” “We sympathized, supported us politically and economically, but it became clear that we have no one to protect, and you must rely on their own strength,” he concluded.

5 December 2015

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