Odessa Refinery due to mass layoffs on the brink of ruin

Odessa oil refinery may not resume his robot because of mass layoffs. About it in the comments of Korrespondent.net chairman of the trade union committee Alexander Chedanenko refinery.

According to him, the company for eight months do not pay wages and despite the rallies, there are no results.

The reason for this - the illegal seizure of the plant, said Chedanenko. In particular, the state seized oil, and armed men who seized the refinery, export them under implementation.

Storage of petroleum products in the enterprise - is the high cost. Therefore, according to Chegarenko, who exports goods from the factory, and should pay people salaries.

“Soon there will be no oil in the factory, and the salary will pay nothing. If we take from November 2014 to March 2015 (from the time when the armed men went - Ed.) The costs amounted to 23 million hryvnia - it’s practically unpaid wages. Moreover, those companies that sell petroleum products, received a delay payments for two years. That is, the money will not “, - said the head of the union.

The main problem at the refinery are also laying off workers. In particular, leave the heads of mechanical installations and mid-level employees.

“If the backbone of the leaves, the plant will not be resumed. There were 39 complaints team. Some unsubscribe” - said Chedanenko.

The situation with the plant also threatens environmental disaster for Odessa. The enterprise has no fire protection.

“No one mows the grass, and it is highly inflammable. Even if you cut grass on fire 2-3 times per season. And now all will burn,” - said the chairman of the trade union committee.

20 April 2015

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