Yatseniuk shocked impoverished Ukrainians: How to live on one salary? Read the Constitution!

Yatsenyuk outraged Ukrainians with his answer to the question of how to live on one salary. Prime Minister talking about the disastrous economic situation in the country, decided to absolve themselves of responsibility for the rapid devaluation of the hryvnia.

Head of Ukrainian Cabinet Yatsenyuk spoke to reporters about the difficult economic situation in the country. The Prime Minister, speaking to the press on TV, I decided to absolve themselves of all responsibility for the rapid devaluation of the hryvnia.

Yatseniuk answering the question of the famous Ukrainian journalist about how today live on one salary Ukrainians, when the hryvnia has slipped to an unprecedented rate - over 30 per dollar, Yatsenyuk made a surprised look, and then threw all the responsibility to himself as head of the government to the head of the National Bank Valeria Gontareva. “Why are you asking me? - Quoted Prime Minister’s Observer. Ua. Read the Constitution. It is written, who is solely responsible for the currency. This is the National Bank.”

Naturally such an indifferent and at the same time very cynical response to the Prime Minister, has shocked and angered many Ukrainians. Citizens of the state began to discuss wondering since when the Cabinet refused to take responsibility for the economic crisis in the country. “Now, we realized that this was the end of the Ukrainian authorities” - massively write on social networks Ukrainians.

The national currency of Ukraine went into a deep dive and continues to fall against the backdrop of panic in the currency market. And while the hryvnia depreciating rapidly, shocked people to somehow survive the hard times, literally stormed the local shops, trying to buy the products. The price of sugar has had time to rise during this time to 18 hryvnia per kilogram. However, this record was the gasoline - its value reached 26 hryvnia per litr.Spetsialisty also note that in the near future more will rise the prices of imported products. In particular, the city has increased dramatically the cost of herring - up to 60 hryvnia per kilogram.

At the same time, in many supermarkets and hypermarkets Ukrainian capital restrictions on socially important goods. For example, one person at a time can only purchase two bottles of sunflower oil, two packages of buckwheat, five kilos of flour and three kilograms of sugar.

5 March 2015

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