The mayor of Feodosia to clean up the embankment of the Negro

The mayor of Feodosia Alexander Bartenev required to clear the embankment of the Negroes. Such a requirement, according to “Kafa,” he announced at a meeting of the Executive Committee.

Direction was given after the Deputy Mayor Basil Ganysh reported complaints. The authors complain about the obsession of Negroes who are engaged in petty trade on the waterfront or have any services.

The Mayor has supported these claims. “Whatever one Negro was not there! Harass passersby, and generally pass posimpatichney girls do not give it! Shoved them something, a miracle case. People are shy, it does not matter!” - He said.

How do the authorities plan to execute this order is unknown.

Meanwhile, a local resident in his blog later reported that the situation on the waterfront has not changed. “On the waterfront at the crossing and is now working on a pair of gay blacks, who are really actively harass passers-by on the withdrawal, against the backdrop of an exotic male … Second - especially pristavuchy, just enough for your hands,” - she writes.

22 July 2011

Why was the Russian people dumb?
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• In Crimea, the Islamists stoned to death a girl for violating Sharia law »»»
A week ago, in the Crimea, radical Islamists were executed 19-year-old girl - to the canons of Shariah “her stoned to death.
• UN has accused Belarus of violating international agreements »»»
The reason for the charges was the execution of two people.
• Removal of the brain. Psychotronic weapons on Independence »»»
All Russians have many friends and acquaintances in Ukraine, Kiev.
• The resort Alushta will free Wi-Fi on the waterfront »»»
The authorities of the Crimean city of Alushta decided to make free Wi-Fi on the waterfront for tourists and residents.
• Port of Odessa passed Tymoshenko certificate for 20 thousand votes. »»»
Deputy Chief of the Odessa Commercial Sea Port has handed Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko’s certificate for 20 thousand votes in support of her as a presidential candidate in Ukraine.