Rally at Independence Square in Kiev continues even at night, despite the injunction. Protesters are gathering signatures for the impeachment of Mr. Yanukovych and Verkhovna Rada dissolution

The police confirmed that there is a solution of the Kiev court to ban holding of shares in the city center. In the capital’s head office stressed that the verdict will be handed to the organizers of the protest against the Internal Revenue Code.

As reported by the Centre for Public Affairs Research Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev, “the decision really is. It will be presented to the organizers of the rally, and we hope that they will listen and, if the court’s decision not to disturb the executive service and does not involve her, and probably also our staff to enforce it. ”

Organizers of the protest action of entrepreneurs against the Tax Code called for musicians to join them. With such a call was made by one of the organizers of the rally from the stage. Also, organizers warn that the most difficult will be standing on the Maidan on this night.

“Today, heavy night, like 6 years ago. If we stand today, we stand then. Let us show that we are the people!” - He called the protesters from the scene. While at Independence often heard the song the Orange Revolution. Also, are songs of DDT.

Note that some twenty thousand entrepreneurs from different regions of Ukraine gathered Monday morning at the Independence Square in Kiev to protest against the Parliament adopted the Tax Code. According to police, about 3,500 protesters. Organizers from the rostrum on Independence stated that the area had gathered 90 thousand people.

Entrepreneurs blocked traffic on Kreshchatik. Businessmen standing at the borders, have asked to join hands to insure against the provocations. Demonstrators chanted “police and the people”, “Mogilev to resign.” Entrepreneurs plan to initiate the impeachment of the president and dissolution of the parliament in case of failure to veto the tax code.

22 November 2010

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In Khmelnytsky in protest against the decision of the Tax Code, is attended by about 10,000 entrepreneurs.
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Column entrepreneurs in the morning rally in Kiev against the Tax Code, went to Independence Square to the street Bankova, where the presidential administration.
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In the night from Thursday to Friday with riot MVD was dismantled a tent camp on Independence entrepreneurs.
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The activists’ Vіdsіch “(” Otpor “) arranged in Kiev protest against Parliament considered a bill that toughens the rules for public events.
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On the march of Fame Ukrainian Insurgent Army had already gathered more than 25 thousand people.