Minister of Fuel and Energy: Liquefied natural gas will cost Ukraine Egypt cheaper Russian

Ukraine will be able to receive liquefied natural gas is priced at $ 190 per thousand cubic meter. This, as correspondent Rosbalt, “said Energy Minister Yuri Boyko at a meeting of committee on economic reforms in the presidential administration.

March 31 this year the Government approved a resolution on the construction of liquified natural gas terminal on the Black Sea and the end of the year will be prepared for technical feasibility, “- he said.

The minister said that if today, we had such a terminal, it affects the economy: “If today we get to the border pipeline gas price of $ 200 per thousand cubic meters, is given to the negotiations with Egypt, and taking into account all transportation costs, we be able to receive liquefied natural gas is priced at $ 190 per thousand cubic meters. I am confident that we will be able to invest within the time frame of construction of the terminal “, - he added.

Earlier, Minister of Fuel and Energy Minister Yuriy Boyko has expressed confidence in the prospects of supplies of liquefied natural gas to Ukraine via the Black Sea ports, construction of ground terminal with a capacity of up to 10 billion cubic meters. m for its reception, as well as infrastructure that will connect the terminal with the Ukrainian gas transport system. In Ukraine, there is not terminal, allowing a liquefied gas.

25 August 2010

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Disclaimer sat down on the gas - this is a step forward, not backward.