Chapter “Ukroboronproma” - successful salesperson dreams

Each Ukrainian citizen, visit the official website of the state concernUkroboronprom” involuntarily overwhelmed with pride for the domestic defense industry. Despite the civil war and the economic crisis, the concern is not only fulfilled the state defense order, put out 46 million. UAH. debts to employees and created in their enterprises in 2000 additional jobs, but also continues to increase production capacity. All this became possible with the advent of a new CEO and team “ambitious and qualified personnel.”
These are the false praises term in the address citizen Romanov and his “effective managers” biased Ukrainian media.
Recently, the Ukrainian information space is much talk about the critical situation with the production of new and rehabilitation of existing armored vehicles. With this guide, “Ukroboronproma” There are thousands of excuses and blame all sins past leadership and the Russian security services, not forgetting to show off their achievements. However, the reality is quite different.

20 March 2015

Shooters announced support for the collection spring-summer campaign
Ljashko offered the US and the EU Ukraine write off old debts

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The main impact of the economic crisis is reducing production.
• Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced plans to increase its military budget by 5% of GDP »»»
The Cabinet of Ministers supported the increase in the defense budget in 2016 at the level of 5% of gross domestic product.
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The New World - it’s well thought-out tactical-RPG with an interesting scenario Gifts for beginners!
• Bribed an official - a million dollars »»»
Public service employees to combat economic crime exposed two directors of limited liability companies and residents of Kiev.
• Russian Ministry of Defense: US military trainers have flooded the east of Ukraine »»»
US military instructors flooded areas controlled by Ukrainian law enforcement officers in the south-east of Ukraine.