Ukrainian Air Force aircraft will transfer “Lucky”

The modernized military transport aircraft An-26 “Lucky” will be given on Thursday, March 17, the Ukrainian Air Force. This was reported on page state enterprise “Antonov” to Facebook.

AN-26 with tail number 05 entered service of a military unit in the city of Boryspil, near Kiev. “Now, the plane can fly in international air routes, and carry out combat training tasks to the various airports, including using aerodrome radio communication, navigation and landing equipment of public airports”, - said in a statement.

Military transport aircraft An-26, created on the basis of passenger An-24 was produced in the Soviet Union from 1969 to 1986. Total produced about 1.4 thousand aircraft of this type, some of them still is in service with the Air Forces of Russia and videoconferencing Ukraine. In 2014, the An-26 Ukrainian Air Force was shot down by militiamen in the Donbass, two crew members were killed.

In October 2015, presented Ukrooboronprom light helicopter “Leo-1″ is designed for the evacuation of the wounded. The basis of the car was taken decommissioned American helicopter Bell-47, developed in the late 1940s

17 March 2016

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