Sevastopol swimmer crossed the Black Sea

Sevastopol swimmer Oleg Sofyanik completed swim across the Black more.Cportsmen started on August 31 in international waters and finished yesterday at Cape Kerempe near Sinop Turkey. If you swim O. Sofyaniku prevented a strong northerly wind and current. After a swim in a telephone conversation swimmer said that he felt fine, good physical condition. Swim was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the defense of Sevastopol.

15 September 2011

In Sevastopol, the complex will be “Water World”
“Berkut” T-shirt arrest. “Thanks to the people of Donbass”

• Sevastopol bay left past the white ships of the fleet (the outcome of the Russian army of General Wrangel outside the Fatherland) »»»
White navy ships, carrying into the unknown thousands of soldiers and refugees who came from the bay on Nov.
• Yanukovych signed a decree on celebrating the 20 th anniversary of Ukrainian independence in 2011. [From Russia?] »»»
President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych today signed a decree on celebrating the 20 th anniversary of independence in August 2011, reported the press service head of state.
• Flowers blossomed in Sevastopol due to the abnormally warm weather »»»
The abnormally warm weather for January was established in Sevastopol - the air temperature reaches the April figures, flowers bloom, buds appear on trees and bushes, RIA Novosti reported.
• Another U.S. Navy cruiser went into the Black Sea and is preparing for a visit to Odessa and Sevastopol (Americans feel at home here already) »»»
Sixth Fleet ship shock U.S. Navy entered the Black Sea, “to tickle the nerves” of Russia and pobryatsat weapons.
• Sevastopol branch of MSU captures influx of applicants from Ukraine »»»
In the Black Sea branch of the MSU record growth of interest in the part of Ukrainian university students.