Belarus has started selling the eggs one by one

One egg it is worth 590 rubles. 31.08.2011 11:32 As the authors suggest the site, this is done in order not to frighten customers higher prices. True, the eggs are bought at any price. At 17 o’clock in the House of Trade had no absolutely.

31 August 2011

Belarusians have banned hugging on the streets
The “gas” case Tymoshenko suddenly appeared two volumes

• Ukraine is rapidly losing egg exports »»»
Imports of the product falls at a slower pace than sales abroad In May Ukraine exported eggs (in shell or not) to $ 4.
• Zubkov: Stocks of grain in Russia today, 10% more than in 2009. »»»
Stocks of grain in Russia today to 10% higher than last year, said First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov at a meeting with the president on the financial sustainability of agriculture.
• Yatsenyuk decided to "let go" of the price of bread, flour, pasta, meat and eggs »»»
Ukrainian government plans to abandon state control and regulation of food prices from the social list, which includes bread, flour, pasta, rice, beef, eggs and other (of 21 products).
• Gasoline went up again, motorists Belarus Protest »»»
August 20 concern “Belneftekhim” an average of 3% increased retail prices of petroleum products.
• Arrived (Russia rejects Ukrainian missile "Zenit", which until recently were considered the best carriers in the world) »»»
Ukraine is so inflated prices rocket "Zenit" that Roscosmos abandoned their acquisition for the needs of the federal space program.