In Lviv, the police cordoned off the soldiers’ memorial on the decision of the court in Lviv

May 9 Lviv police cordoned off the area of ​​the memorial of Soviet soldiers killed in World War II, according to ZIK. Nearby gathered representatives of veterans, left and nationalist organizations. Most of them were not allowed to enter the memorial.

Restriction of access preceded by the decision of the Lviv Regional Administrative Court, which, at the request of city authorities forbade holding mass actions in the Victory Day.

9 May 2011

Vadym Kolesnichenko: “Victory Day - a day of sorrow for the defeated Nazis and their henchmen”
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• Communal grave of Soviet soldiers asked to destroy the near Lviv »»»
The deputies of the City Council of the Carpathian Turk in the Lviv region have taken the initiative to demolish the monument of Glory and the mass grave where buried 43 Soviet soldier-liberator.
• Russia prepares extradition of a Ukrainian nationalist, izbivshego veteran in Lviv »»»
In the Krasnoyarsk Territory police have detained a citizen of Ukraine, declared internationally wanted for beating a veteran of World War II on May 9 in Lviv.
• Lviv city council has banned the use of symbolism in the USSR and the CPSU, and the ban Nazi symbols deputies refused. »»»
This decision has voted 71 deputies, “Interfax”. Decision was taken “in connection with the ability to spread in Lviv, a non-existent symbols of a totalitarian state.
• Ukrainian nationalists in the eyes of veterans in Lviv stamped on the red flag »»»
Lviv clashed during a protest members of the Ukrainian nationalist party “Freedom” Oleg Tyagniboka that on May 9 near the Hill of Glory publicly trampled the red flags, taken from the veterans.
• In Lviv forbade celebrate the anniversary of liberation from the Nazis »»»
Lviv Regional Administrative Court decided to ban the events dedicated to the anniversary of the liberation of the city from the troops of Nazi Germany.